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Effective leaders in

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A series of straightforward, short, sharp no-nonsense leadership tips to help you develop and engage your team. 


In a Leadership Minute I focus on the “how-to” of frontline leadership. 


Short, sharp, bight-sized leadership tips to improve team performance, patient engagement and practice efficiency.

They're quick, easy and free.

To Get Results

You Need to

Connect with

Your People

Experienced leaders in the medical profession, and those new to leadership face the very same challenges.  Do you want to be more effective at:

  • Positively influencing the people you lead and work with?

  • Being a consistent role model for your team?

  • Building a high performing team?

  • Helping your people develop and achieve better results  and naturally engaging patients?

  • Driving consistent performance and help your people achieve more?

  • Helping your team improve their communication with patients and colleagues?

  • Actively supporting your people in their development?

  • Coaching your team on the most important issues?

  • Confidently giving feedback to reinforce good behaviours and helping your people learn and grow?

  • Building a highly engaged team to deliver  world-class, patient-focused service?

Being an effective people leader in the medical  profession, like in any business, is essential. 

Experienced leaders and people new to leadership face the same challenges.

I’ve spent thousands and thousands of hours working with leaders and their teams on these same issue.

If you lead people – even if its just one person, or a team of people, - I’ll bet your looking for answers to at least some of these questions, and others.

Join me for a Leadership Minute.  A series of straightforward, short, sharp no-nonsense leadership, tips


In a Leadership Minute I focus on the “how-to” of frontline leadership.  Short, sharp, bight-sized leadership tips.

A Leadership Minute is just that.  In a minute -or sometimes a couple of minutes – I’ll walk you through the must-do’s of frontline leadership.

Gregory Zimbulis

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